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Perioperative Blood Management (PBM) is a patient-centered, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to utilizing blood transfusions of the right type, at the right time and the right amount. PBM is founded on the idea that the patient has an adequate volume of blood and can act as their own blood bank.

Increase safety by limiting allogeneic transfusion risk
Patients benefit from the safety of receiving their own blood as opposed to incurring the risks associated with receiving donor blood. By implementing a PBM program and strategically minimizing allogeneic blood transfusion (blood received from another person), you can help to promote patient safety in the following ways:

  • Reduce infection risk
  • Decrease length of stay
  • Eliminate transfusion reactions
  • Reduce administrative errors

Decrease cost
The cost of blood is significant and increasing. Beyond the acquisition cost of allogeneic blood, there are processing costs associated with each unit that can bring the total cost per unit to over $500.

Our clients benefit from significant cost reductions in the purchase of blood, preparing and delivering the blood and post-transfusion complications. A PBM program conserves the blood supply while providing typical savings between 5-15% of the current total spend on blood.

PBM program recommendations
Procirca follows these seven steps in the application of our Total Blood Management Plan:

  • Employ strict evidence based transfusion thresholds for transfusion of red blood cells, platelets and plasma
  • Minimize preoperative autologous donations
  • Minimize iatrogenic blood loss through use of point of care testing, low volume blood sample and reduced testing frequency
  • Optimize preoperative hemoglobin
  • Perioperative autologous blood recovery and use of biologics according to the American
  • Association of Blood Banks Standards
  • Educate, audit and report through the blood utilization review committee
  • Offer bloodless approach when specifically indicated

Procirca offers a comprehensive set of PBM services

  • Autologous blood recovery (autotransfusion/cell saver)
  • Autologous component therapies including; platelet-rich plasma, fibrin glue, platelet poor plasma and autologous conditioned plasma
  • Postoperative recovery including unprocessed shed blood

Additional reasons to partner with Procirca for PBM services

  • Full time medical director
  • Turnkey approach including personnel, equipment and supplies
  • Quality management program based on AABB Standards
  • Periodic quality reports that meet regulations of The Joint Commission, State DOH, AABB, CAP and internal quality management programs
  • No cost, no obligation evaluation of your current blood management practice
  • Access to medical leadership for expert consultation, training, and on-site mentor-ship program and simulation training

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