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Organized in 1981, Procirca’s Center for Clinical Neurophysiology (CCN) pioneered and perfected on-site and remote intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM).  Since then, the CCN has grown to provide monitoring services for over 7,000 procedures annually.   Our reliability, consistency, security, unrivaled experience and excellence were integral to UPMC, our parent company, receiving the prestigious ABRET IONM Lab Accreditation.

With real-time professional oversight, Procirca’s CCN delivers thorough, contemporaneous feedback to the surgeon resulting in differential diagnosis and interpretation of data allowing for immediate surgical intervention and the potential for improved outcomes. CCN services employ a multilayered approach to ensure high quality. The service begins with certified clinical neurotechnologists on site in the operating rooms. The neurotechnologists link to our neurophysiologists over a secure IT infrastructure, enabling continuous real-time remote oversight and interpretation with bi-directional communication between medical faculty and neurotechnologist.  Procirca’s team works closely with the surgeon, anesthesia and the operating room staff to deliver immediate communication and exemplary patient care.

The Procirca CCN medical faculty is consistently on the forefront of developing new techniques and defining the standards of IONM.  Procirca’s medical faculty is comprised of renowned neurologists and PhD neurophysiologists, including:

  • Jeffrey R. Balzer, PhD, FASNM, DABNM
  • Donald Crammond, PhD, DABNM
  • Parthasarathy D. Thirumala, MD
  • Katherine Anetakis, MD
  • James Castellano, MD

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